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The finest Chevy Crate Engines and Chevy High performance engines Available ANYWHERE!

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Welcome to American Speed Enterprises home of the Chevy high performance engine. When it comes to Chevrolet racing engines, the 350 Chevy engine, or just about any type of GM crate engine we can build it and most likely have built one before. Our professional staff of engine builders takes pride and stakes their reputation on every Chevy high performance engine we build. When you purchase an American Speed built Chevy stroker engine, you're buying over 35 years of experience in building not only just Chevrolet engines, but also a vast experience in building every street rod engine and American muscle car engine ever produced by Chevrolet. We don't mass-produce our Chevy crate engines but custom build them one at a time with your application in mind. Our secret to the power, quality, and reliability in our Chevy high performance motors is using the best combination of parts in every Chevy engine we build with complete control of every phase of construction.  We stand behind our guarantee and Warranty Information.


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Why American Speed?

We know small block and big block Chevy engines like the back of our hand. When people want a crate engine that offers quality and reliability they come to American Speed. We bring out that Chevy muscle that all Chevy engines are capable of when built correctly. We will build you a 427 Chevy corvette engine, or a 350 Chevy small block if you want, it doesn’t matter. Customizable to the hilt our custom Chevy engines will give you the raw horsepower you seek for your next kit car or muscle car project. We have lots of Chevrolet engine specs available here on our site. Have a look around and see why American Speed is the Chevy engine builder for you.

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Ultima Sports Ltd. sets world beating, certified performance records for road cars

 with American Speed 1020 hp Chevy engine:


0-60 2.3 secs
0-100 4.9 secs
0-150 8.9 secs
Top speed 240 mph
30-70 1.5 secs
0-100-0 8.8 secs
1/4 mile 9.2 secs @ 156 mph
Skid pad 1.176 g
Top Gear TBD

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 American Speed Enterprises, Inc.  3006 Avenue of the Cities,  Moline, IL 61265  Telephone: 309-764-3601  FAX: 309-764-2786

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